Practical information

“I want you to have this gun, it doesn’t work but only you and I know that. You have no idea who the other people staying here tonight are. I’m just telling you.”

Organizer: Karin Edman
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What: Participants go as participants in one of three groups who go to a wilderness camp with strangers and then have to figure out who to trust when a paranormal phenomenon starts sending ripples of pure terror through them all.
When: Spring 2018
Where: Sweden, Kungälv, Trollsjönäs [map]
What Language: English
What to bring: Sleeping gear, eating utensils, food, water and personal supplies.

How many: 32 indoor
How long: Friday afternoon – sunday
How hard physically: Depending on chosen group. Hard, intermediate, easy.
How will we live: with modern toilets, hot and cold water and a modern kitchen. Sleeping is on mattresses on the floor. Indoor areas are heated but there is also a possibility to sleep outdoors.

What is it not: It is not a detective story, you will not figure out the truth of the paranormal phenomenon.

“Everyone is weak”